From Russia, with style — and festivities

11 мая 2006

L. B.:«Buyan Ostrov» event features art, cuisine, fashion.

Long Beach — The city on Saturday will get a taste of a decade-old Russian cultural festival that Attracts artists across the Eurasian Continent.

«Buyan Ostrov» will feature an international art exhibit; a fashion show featuring the designs of Irina Belopukhova, Tatyana Smirnova and Nadia Voronova; and traditional music and dance and cuisine. The festival name is derived from mythological island — Ostrov — where the forefathers of the ancient Slavs lived. The place has come to be associated with creation, love and divine power.

Buyan Ostrov, sponsored by the Long Beach-Sochi Sister City Association, will kick off 3 p. m. at 245 W. Broadway. Admission is free. The festival is typically held for three weeks in Sochi, Russia, said Richard Maderia of the Sister City Association.

«It’s chance to make the best artist in Russia and performances known by bringing them to Long Beach», said Natalia Tsygikalo, who organizes Sochi’s Buyan Ostrow.

Belopukhova said Russian fashion will appeal to American women. It’s a development industry in the country, where the aesthetic trend leans toward blending traditional Russian design elements with modern-day lines. She said her jewelry, hat and clothing lines were most influenced by her visits to other countries.

The fashion industry is Russian is a fast developing one, she continued, citing the rate of the new Boutiques opening in her home-town of Moscow.

Samantha Conzaga, «Press-Telegram», Long Beach, California

Елизавета Талавира-Шемет

Родилась в 1972 году. Художник по текстилю, графике и компьютерному дизайну. Художественный руководитель и педагог лоскутной мастерской «Колорит». Официальный представитель Ассоциации лоскутного шитья в Санкт-Петербурге. О лоскутной мастерской «Колорит»: «Наша мастерская — это не клуб, а своеобразный учебный центр. Членом такого коллектива... Читать далее »